For some products, liquid silicone rubber (LSR) just can't be beat. It has a large range of unique and useful properties that make it ideal for certain specialised devices. No surprise then that the medical sector depends on LSR for much of its equipment like face masks, seals and gaskets. And when they do, they turn to us.
How do we do it? The only way we know how: with excellence. That's why we use silicone moulding systems that are world-beaters in the development of injection-moulding machines. Our moulding takes place in a dedicated clean-room, stringently maintained, to ensure contamination-free parts. And our temperature-controlled environment guarantees flawless parts and moulding every single time.
The best technology deserves the best technical staff. And so, true to form, we put our people through the most stringent training available—US-based and world-class instruction. The result? Elite operators capable of creating premium LSR products.