Parking Sense

Parking Sense approached Millenium Plastics back in 2014 with what appeared, at the time, to be an impossible task. Design, develop and have ready for launch within an extremely tight timeframe, a state of the art product that would revolutionise the parking management industry. We had the technology bedded in, but needed a packaging solution that would house our technology and present it in the very best light possible.
In came Millenium Plastics with their design and moulding expertise and the rest is history. We now have an incredible product that is taking the world by storm and this is in no small part due to the involvement of Millenium Plastics. These guys are at the top of their game and leave their competitors in their wake. Parking Sense have a great relationship with the team at Millenium Plastics. If you have an idea and want to launch it with confidence in quality, workmanship and attention to detail, speak to them first, and like us, I am certain you will be impressed.