Our story began after our founder, an innovative New Zealand hair stylist, started experimenting with ice as a conditioner. His curiosity was sparked when his wife rinsed her curly hair with ice cold water with surprising results. Her typically frizzy hair had more definition and shine. It was soft and smooth to touch. Curls fell naturally in groups. He began to suspect something very unique was happening within the hair. At the time there was no information available to explain what might be occurring.

Breaking tradition

Heat is a huge part of the hair routine, both in the salon and at home. While effective, it is incredibly damaging to your hair, leaving it dry, brittle, frizzy – the list goes on. In a bid to reverse the damage, we use chemical-filled masks and conditioners, spend money on expensive treatments, and waste time in the salon trying to recover our hair's natural lustre. These solutions merely fill a gap, rather than effectively treating the problems.

The turning point

Why create barriers to the damage, when you can stop it all together? What if we could restore highly damaged hair in a natural way? What if frizzy, uncontrollable hair became soft and smooth?

We set out to dig deeper, exploring the effects of cold temperatures on hair and keratin. We discovered that cold is good, but sub-zero temperature is where the magic happens. Locking in moisture is the key to healthy hair that shines, feels smooth and has radiant colour.

Equally important was to find a way to apply ice to hair without the discomfort of dipping your head into a bucket of ice. We tested and retested many different designs to create a device that is not only easy to use but removes the barriers of hot styling devices. Inverse allows you to apply the patented cold conditioning system to your hair any time you like, comfortably and easily.

Change is here

And so Inverse was born. The refined and elegant device is our pioneering product that makes conditioning effortless. Change the way you treat your hair. Reverse the damage from heat styling. Abandon redundant, time and money wasting chemical products. Inverse will end your search for the perfect conditioning product. Inverse is the cool new way to irresistibly healthy hair – and the more you use it, the better it gets.