Innovative Conveyor Systems

Having been in the business of designing and manufacturing custom conveyor systems for many years, ICS has worked with numerous injection moulders in and around New Zealand. We have been a leader in the industry but this, by no means, makes you immune to worldwide trends and, like our competitors, we had to morph to suit our growing customer demands. This meant "stepping-up" production whist at the same time reducing time to market for new products. The challenge was finding the right supplier who had our goals and objectives at heart. With this in mind we approached Millennium Plastics late in 2013 to see what they could offer, we did not want more of the same, which is what we had been exposed to.
The team at Millennium wasted no time in identifying the areas of the product design and injection moulding process that could be re-vamped in order to meet our increased production needs whilst at the same time raising the bar when it came to quality. They listened to our needs and came up with innovative ideas which meant that with a little of the Millennium "magic" we would be able to use our existing tools, all be it with some tweaks. The task was not an easy one, the road has been long and well-trodden but Millennium Plastics never lost sight of the goal. Working closely with the ICS design and manufacturing team, Millennium were able to exceed our goals and expectations. In Millennium Plastics we found more than a supplier, we've found a partner and I am looking forward to working with them in 2016 and beyond.