Our products are plastic, our people are real

To get a great product, you need great people—experienced, dependable, professional. That's us. Since our founding in 1999, we've grown from a handful of engineers with a dream to a team of over 50 seasoned plastics experts helping bring to life some of New Zealand's most innovative plastic products.

Focused on design

We understand that your product's design is pivotal to its success. That's why we believe in taking a collaborative approach, combining your strengths with ours in a single fluid design process. Our award-winning expertise in plastics coupled with your up-close knowledge of the product—it's a recipe for superior design. Find out more.

Obsessed with quality

We don't do mediocre. Everything we do is done to the highest standard. Our standards compliance is comprehensive, our quality management is rigorous, our workplace health and safety is impeccable. From start to finish, quality is what defines us. Find out more.

Driven to succeed

We're not here to mould products and move on; we're fully invested in your success. That's why we employ a process that goes well beyond moulding. And we're there by your side throughout the whole journey with a single-minded commitment to seeing your product thrive. Your product's success is our bottom line.

Are you driven to succeed too? Let's talk. Get in touch.