2016 training off to a great start

Our 2016 training is off to a great start with rising star Ben Chang off to the USA this week for further training. Currently a technician in our rapidly growing Silicone department, Ben will be heading over The University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, USA, to complete a training course in Silicone Elastomer Technology & Fabrication.

The course, led by experts in the field, offers comprehensive insight into silicone elastomers, including silicon chemistry, types of silicone elastomers, manufacturing processors, fabrication techniques, problem-solving and application areas.
With an emphasis on liquid injection moulding the course will also provide in-depth knowledge in;
  • Silicone Elastomer Technology
  • Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR/LIM)
  • Tooling Design and Construction
  • Adhesion and Bonding of Silicone Rubber
Armed with this knowledge, Ben will be able to impart his learning to the rest of the team in the Silicone department thus enhancing Millennium Plastic`s Silicone capability.

We wish Ben all the best and are confident he will do well.